Thursday, March 31, 2011

Glenlivet French Oak Reserve (15 year)

Selective maturation in new French Oak casks typically reserved for wine production makes this whisky unique among the Glenlivet family.  The rich, spicy notes, mingle and interplay with a fruity and floral bouquet.  A delicious whisky to savor.  

NOSE: Sweet, lingering floral scent.

PALATE: Strong beginning with a tantalizing blend of fresh French raisin muffins. Several seconds in, a light burn is soon accompanied by light licorice and nutty flavors.  Adding water, of course, softens the burn exposing subtle, yet delicate flavors of flat-out "tastiness". Kevin says, "It's good."

FINISH: Like a light warm breeze, it slowly fades leaving behind some of the floral notes and a refreshed palate.
FINAL THOUGHTS: A smooth and tasty step up from the Glenlivet 12. A modestly priced bottle, with above average value.  Good for the seasoned or beginning taster.

REVIEWED BY: Mike Giannangelo, Kevin O'Donnell

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