Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ardbeg Committee Summit 4/16/2011 Bottom Lounge - Chicago Whisky week

Spring is in bloom in Chicago! And as the snow melts and March Madness ends, Chitown dusts off the bagpipes and puts on the kilt. Why? It's Whisky Week! A full blown whisky lollapalooza of tastings, master distillers, and promotional events. Like throwing back many o' drams for a nominal fee or no cost at all? Hell yes you do! If you said no, leave this website, leave now. You have no frame of reference. You're like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie, and wants to know the plot. that could be the whisky talking...

Want to see what I'm talking about?

Below are photos from the Ardbeg Committee Summit on 4/16 at the Bottom Lounge. (Forgive me for aging my photos as I have, better late than never.) I went into the event having enjoyed the Ardbeg 10 and Uigeadail, nothing else. For a scotch brand that considers itself among the peatiest plus having tried the aforementioned, my interest is piqued. And to quote Jim Belushi from Delta House, "Don't cost nothing." Really?!

Outside the Bottom Lounge, this will be a great Saturday

Tasting-From left to right (newborn whisky [aged 1 week], 10 yr, Uigeadail, Corryvreckan, Alligator)

Dean and Mike sampling the goods

From Islay, the Smoquito (optional garnishes: bacon, cheese, ham chunks, pickles, olives)

Rachel Barrie (Ardbeg Whisky Creator/Master Blender) riding in on chopper to present the newest addition to the Ardbeg family, Alligator! -- Must be terrible, welcome to the rat race, Rachel!

Open bar, anything and as much as needed. How wonderfully generous, Ardbeg, I love you, major props! A great opportunity to get to know the different Ardbeg expressions.

Pre-release bottle of Alligator-This was the launch event for the upcoming release.

Alligator refers to the pattern of burnt wood within the aging barrels (level 4 charred bourbon barrels) resembles alligator skin. Available in June to Committee members, September for general sale. Absolutely delicious, a sweet taste with a definite burnt edge a few seconds in. I can see this being a permanent addition to my whisky collection.

Dwarf alert! Wait, I'm drunk, that's a huge bottle! Alligator being poured in the concert area.

The Ardbeg crew with a, a giant snake?? Whatever. Thanks, ladies!

Again, props to Ardbeg for putting on a great event (and for not being shy with the drams) during Whisky Week. Great scotch, fun events, stylish image, sold! Hope to see you next year...

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